Consilium Maps – Visual Analytics for Canadian Academic Publishing

Consilium Maps is a data analytics tool focused on lead-lag metrics for Canadian academic publishing. The lead-lag metric is used to calculate the offset of two frequencies. The frequencies, in this case, are each country’s paper output for each year that have the given keyword or phrase within. For example, the above picture shows a search result for the keyword spinach, the color for each country denotes how far ahead or behind that country is relative to Canada’s output. The backend for the tool is the Dimensions.AI, which has over 108 million papers with metadata such as authors, institution affiliation, funding, paper citations, and patents.



The sheer size of the data presented a challenge for this project. In order to load all of this data during run-time we implemented a progressive loader that allows you to visually interact with the partially loaded data. The scrubber represents all of Canada’s currently loaded data. This allows the user to gauge areas of interest for further investigation. The scrubber can be resized which changes the selection size. The minimum amount of years that can be selected is 3 and the maximum is 10. Another feature that helps the user determine areas of interest is the event graph.




The event graph informs the user which areas have the most lead, most lag, the most amount of lead and lag, and most countries participating.

Once a timespan is selected the user can now view individual institutions and their output relative to Canada. The node colors represent the amount of lead or lag the institution has relative to Canadian publishing. The line on the node depicts their output trend for the time span. If the line is moving up the institution’s output has increased 5% or more.

The objective of Consilium Maps was to create a tool capable of informing our stakeholders of how institutions are performing in terms of publishing on the global stage for certain concepts. Ultimately, we provided a tool that allows for in-depth investigations into how well institutions/countries are performing on a global scale for individual concepts in academic publishing.

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