Adam James Bradley

University of Waterloo
English Language and Literature / Systems Design Engineering

adam dot bradley at uwaterloo dot ca

Current Positions

Research Scientist, Vialab
University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Department of Computer Science
Current Project: Social Sciences and Humanities Cyber-Infrastructure

Sessional Lecturer
University of Waterloo

Previous Positions

PostDoctoral Fellow, InnoVis Lab
University of Calgary, Department of Computer Science
Current Project: Visualizing Ambiguity in Literary Text Networks


Ph.D. in English Language and Literature and Systems Design Engineering,
University of Waterloo, 2016
English: Modernism and Rhetoric
Engineering: Language as an Interactive System

M.A. English, Experimental Digital Media, University Of Waterloo, 2010
Data Visualization and the Avant-Garde Aesthetic

B.A. English and Comparative Literature. McMaster University 2003


Visualization and the Digital Humanities: Moving towards Stronger Collaborations, 2018
Adam James Bradley et. al. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications (accepted but not yet published)

Machines and Humans, Schemes and Tropes, 2018
Adam James Bradley and Michael Ullyott.
Early Modern Literary Studies (accepted but not yet published)

Past Texts, Present Tools, and Future Critics: Toward a Rhetorical Schematics, 2018
Adam James Bradley and Michael Ullyott in Shakespeare’s Language in Digital Media: Old Words, New Tools (Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities), Abingdon: Routledge.

Textension: Digitally Augmenting Document Spaces in Analog Texts, 2018
Adam James Bradley, Jay Sawal, Sheelagh Carpendale, and Christopher Collins.
Currently in submission to Digital Humanities Quarterly.

Metatation: Annotation as Implicit Interaction to Bridge Close and Distant Reading, 2017
Hrim Mehta, Adam James Bradley, Mark Hancock, and Christopher Collins.
in (TOCHI) ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction,
Volume 24 Issue 5, Article No. 35

Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism, 2017
Adam James Bradley
Entries on Alan Matheson Turing and Relativity.

In the End was the Word: a Computational Approach to T.S. Eliot’s Diction, 2017
Adam James Bradley
in Reading Modernism with Machines, Palgrave Macmillan.

Language DNA: Visualizing a Language Decomposition, 2016
Adam James Bradley, Travis Kirton, Sheelagh Carpendale, and Mark Hancock
Digital Humanities Quarterly 2016.10.4.

Gendered or Neutral? Considering the Language of HCI, 2015
Adam James Bradley, Cayley MacArthur, Mark Hancock, and Sheelagh Carpendale
Proceedings of the 41st Graphics Interface Conference
pp. 163-170

Sessional Positions, University of Waterloo

Sessional Instructor,  2011 to present
Course Design, preparation and presentation of lectures, supervision of group work,
grading projects and papers, preparing and grading the final exam for the course.

English 219, Issues in Language, Writing, and Rhetoric,  Fall 2015
English 460B, British and Irish Modernism, Winter 2015
English 201, The Short Story,  Spring 2014
English 119, Communications in Math and Computer Science, Fall 2013 and Spring 2012

 Teaching Assistantships, University of Waterloo

English 200A & British Literature 1, Fall 2012
English 119 & Communications in Math and Computer Science, Fall 2011
English 210F & Genres of Business Communication, Spring 2011
English 109 & Introduction to Academic Writing, winter 2010

Awards and Honors

University of Waterloo Arts Faculty Teaching Excellence Award, 2015

Fullbright Student Exchange Scholarship (short listed), 2014

University of Waterloo President’s Scholarship Value: CND$40,000,  2014,-13,-12,-11

SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship Value: CND$115,000,  2012

OGS Ontario Graduate Scholarship Value: CND$15,000 (declined), 2012

Faculty of Arts Graduate Experience Award Value: CND$2,000, 2012

OGS Ontario Graduate Scholarship Value: CND$15,000, 2011

Research In Motion Graduate Scholarship in English Value CND$5,000, 2010


Ontario Media Development Corporation Value: CND$100,000, 2016
Tiny Apocalypse commercial game project – with Stitch Media, Toronto

Canada Media Fund Value CND$150,000, 2014
Rival Books of Aster commercial game project – with Stitch Media, Toronto

Ontario Media Development Corporation Value: CND$150,000, 2014
Rival Books of Aster commercial game project – with Stitch Media, Toronto

NSERC SurfNet Special Projects Grant Value: CND$25,000 2012
Remixing Visualized Data Project

Professional Activities

Program Committee, Workshop on Visualization for the Digital Humanities

Certificate of University Teaching, 2013
Centre for Teaching Excellence, University of Waterloo

Co-organizer Graduate student Colloquium, 2012
De/Centering the Human Subject, Keynote: Cary Wolfe

Fundamentals of University Teaching Certificate, 2012
Centre for Teaching Excellence, University of Waterloo

Member at Large, SAGE, 2013,-12,-11,-10
Student Association for Graduates in English, University of Waterloo

Conference Presentations

Augmented Criticism and Rhetorical Figures, 2015
Adam James Bradley and Michael Ullyott
Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies (CSRS) conference

Digital Humanities as Literary Criticism, 2015
Adam James Bradley and Michael Ullyott
MLA annual conference, Vancouver

Violence and the Digital Humanities Text as Pharmakon, 2012
Adam James Bradley
Digital Humanities, Hamburg, Germany

Games as Evolutionary Simulacrum, 2011
Adam James Bradley
SLSA Conference, Waterloo, Canada

Warrior Poets: On a Type of New Simulation, 2011
Adam James Bradley
Literature, Rhetoric, and Values, Waterloo, Canada

Workshop Presentations

Digital Humanities and Information Visualization: InfoVis, Baltimore Maryland, 2016
Adam Bradley, Hrim Mehta, Christopher Collins, Mark Hancock
Humanistic approaches to data

Ceci N’est Pas Une Tweet: ICT Art Connect, Brussels Belgium, 2013
Beth Coleman, Howard Goldkran, Adam Bradley, Anne Galang
Digital project that tracked tweets in Brussels, Belgium in real-time and sent back pictures of the places the original tweet was sent to the user. Presented to the European Union Parliament.


Incorporating Play into InfoViz design, 2011
Graphics, Animation and Design (Grand) Conference, Vancouver, Canada

Research Experience

Research Assistantship Oxford English Dictionary Poetics Project, 2015
St. Jerome’s University, Dr. David-Antoine Williams

Mitacs Internship Value: CND$20,000, 2015
Stitch Media: Rival Books of Aster Commercial Game Project

Research Assistantship GRAND Network HQP, 2013,-12,-11,-10
Graphics, Animation, and Design, University of Waterloo, Dr. Mark Hancock

Research Assistantship OED Allusions Project, 2012
St. Jerome’s University, Dr. David-Antoine Williams

Research Assistantship Salvation Suit Project, 2011
Virtual Reality Piers Plowman, University of Waterloo, Dr. Sarah Tolmie

Professional Affiliations

MLA, Modern Language Association
MSA, Modernist Studies Association
ACM, Association For Computing Machinery
ALLC, Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing
ACH, Association for Computers and the Humanities
SDH-SEMI, Society for Digital Humanities

Art Installations

Ceci N’est Pas Une Tweet, Digital Media Showcase, Nov. 10, 2013
Musee De Beaux Arts, Brussels, Begium

Motion Poetry, Mar. 7, 2012
Critical Media Lab Showcase, Research Machines Workshop, Waterloo ON

Digital Cabinets of Curiosity, Apr. 7, 2011
Artery Gallery, Kitchener, ON. Placed in the permanent collection of THE MUSEUM, Kitchener, ON